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The Fanny Mechanic

The Fanny Mechanic Show with Dr Tash shares real, honest chats on Reproductive and gynaecological health, fertility, sex, hormones and lifestyle issues.

Nothing is off limits. Nothing taboo.

We answer questions you’ve been dying to ask with help from expert guests and everyday people.

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Kalli Fardoulis

Low tox hairdressing with Kalli Fardoulis | Ep 6

This week WE DIVE INTO the topic of low tox hairdressing and living. WE GO DEEP with hairdresser Kalli Fardoulis ...
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Anthony Marren Canva

Uterus Transplantation with Dr Anthony Marren | Ep 5

WE DIVE INTO the topic of Uterus Transplantation. WE GO DEEP with Gynaecologist, Fertility Specialist Dr Anthony Marren. Dr Marren ...
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Image for show

Music therapy and women’s health with Dr Alison Short and Geena Cheung | Ep 4

WE DIVE INTO the topic of Music and Music Therapy. WE GO DEEP with music therapists Dr Alison Short and ...
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Image Dr John Jorgensen post

Weight loss surgery and PCOS with Dr John Jorgensen | Ep 3

WE DIVE INTO the topic of weight loss surgery. WE GO DEEP with weight loss surgeon Dr John Jorgensen. He ...
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Kristy Chong and I

Period underwear with CEO Kristy Chong. What? Why? | Ep 2

WE DIVE INTO the topic of period and urine proof underwear. WE GO DEEP with ModiBodi CEO and creator, Kristy ...
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The Fanny Mechanic

Who is the Fanny Mechanic | Ep 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Fanny Mechanic Show. Dr Natasha Andreadis (also known as Dr Tash), is your ...
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