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Physical Health

Why is it important I aim for a healthy weight?

Our bodies were designed to move. People who are overweight/obese or underweight have more health issues than people who have a healthy weight. This applies to people of all age groups.

Why is This Important When Planning a Family?

Overweight couples have a harder time conceiving. If you are overweight it will take you longer to get pregnant; you are more likely to miscarry and have complications in pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Being underweight is also associated with health issues.

We can control our weight, unlike our age

Be Uplifted

Being fit and staying fit is one of the most uplifting, energising and positive things you can do for yourself. Above all it can be a lot of fun.

It’s never too late to change.

If you need assistance to lose weight, Dr. Natasha will help you work out a plan of action; together she will help you reach your health goal.

Evidence supports the simple fact: that fitter, healthier people are less likely to have problems getting pregnant than their overweight counterparts.

Just like nutrition, you have 100% control over this aspect of your life. So take the initiative now to get fit if you haven’t already.

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