Low tox hairdressing with Kalli Fardoulis | Ep 6 - Dr Natasha Andreadis

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Kalli Fardoulis

Low tox hairdressing with Kalli Fardoulis | Ep 6

March 17th, 2020 2141 Views 1 Views Today Podcast

This week WE DIVE INTO the topic of low tox hairdressing and living. WE GO DEEP with hairdresser Kalli Fardoulis of Blown Away Hair Spa. Kalli OPENS UP about her health journey and how it changed her hairdressing business ethos and philosophy.

Should women dye their hair when trying to make a baby or when pregnant? We discuss products and options.

How can you make your hairdressing salon less toxic?


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2142 Views 2 Views Today


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