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Family Planning

Heterosexual Families

Family planning is the method of planning your family in terms of the desired number of children, and comfortably spacing your pregnancies. Family planning is achieved with the use of contraceptives. Traditional methods of contraception involve the withdrawal method, where ejaculation occurs outside the vagina, and the calendar-based method, where intercourse is avoided during the fertile days of a menstrual cycle. However, there are more modern methods of contraception, which include:

  • Oral contraceptive pills
  • Implants containing progesterone hormone
  • Injections of hormones
  • Intrauterine devices
  • Condoms
  • Male and female sterilisation

Family planning has several benefits such as prevention of pregnancy-related health risks, sexually transmitted diseases (such as syphilis and HIV) and pregnancies in adolescents, slowing the growth of population and decreasing the rate of infant deaths.

LGBTQ Patients

Dr Tash welcomes everyone to her clinic including the LGBTQ community.

She understands that traditional gynaecology and reproductive clinics can be tricky spaces for LGBTQ people to feel included.

LGBTQ patients are welcome and supported for their individual needs including:

  • building a family via surrogacy
  • egg or sperm donation
  • IVF
  • fertility preservation

Affirming Care

Dr Tash prides herself on affirming care. She works with every person as an individual and tailors her services to meet their needs, including supporting LGBTQ families. Dr Tash welcomes people of diverse genders and sexualities into her service.

Dr Tash has reviewed her intake forms to better meet your needs, as an individual and as a gender or sexuality diverse person.

Dr Tash is working with ACON’s Pride in Health + Wellbeing program to update her practice, to undertake staff training and review processes. This is an ongoing journey of improvement but she is keen to work with the community to best meet your needs.

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